pinordee is a design studio focused on ladies and unisex genuine leather handbags 

Our style is a clear-lined cozy urban chic with a bohemian touch. All handbags look exquisitely and self-sufficient and will stand you out from the crowd.


There is no assembly line here. No big factory. All handbags you see here are individually crafted by Ksenia .


She is an experienced leather artist and uses only the finest leather hides, high-quality hardware, hands, top-notch skills, special sewing machines for leather and do make your bag dreams come true.   


The studio deals only with natural materials - 100% real premium quality leather and suede, natural cotton or silky satin, and UV resistant threads. pinordee handbags age beautifully and look even better with the time flow.


Ksenia by herself looks through among over the world for the most beautiful leather with rich texture and deep delicious color, fancy lining, and high-quality hardware. She enjoys to give the perfect outcome and each handbag is a result of a precious selection of leather, lining, and hardware. 


The time we experiencing now is full of boho inspiration, and profound chic. Join us.


Be bold. Be classy. It's time.