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Daniel  Buford 16/08/2022

I took an insanely long time figuring out what exactly it was that I wanted, but Ksenia patiently helped every step of the way. She sent me leather samples, and ended up ordering an entirely different leather for me. She made a new design and even made a little leaf charm out of a leather sample I sent. She sent plenty of pictures throughout the process, too! Ksenia was absolutely wonderful and a pleasure to work with. Can't recommend her enough!


A Scali 12/08/2022

I have to say that the logistics time is really shocking because it is really fast


Canestro 11/08/2022

amazing bag!

Shocking I love this bag I will recommend it to my friends


Roy Hutchison 15/06/2022

I just received my handbag. It is gorgeous! The craftsmanship is superior. I was able to customize it( zippers, pockets) which is nice. And the customer service is superb! Thanks Ksenia! I will be back!


Stephen Bray 23/05/2022

I aimed to get a travel fashion bag for my (very picky about bags) mom that will come with many many features such as it is backpack, carry-on, cross-body, belt/removable zipper bag convertible. It was initially a Christmas present for my mom but I had to a lot wait longer due to her many many orders (CONGRATS on her continuous success!). It was many months long wait but as always I'm absolutely blown away at the result. The amazing thing about Ksenia is not only that she fulfills all your customization wishes, but she goes well above and beyond in THINKING about what are the best ways to go about making them without your asking them! This includes revising her own designs based not only on your concerns and needs for them but also continuously improving her in making her own models better and better! For example, she made the top zipper panels longer and in a shape that can be tucked in from both sides, while tightening the water bottle pocket so it made the bag looks MUCH better than her old Tiberis model. And the way that she did the zipper bag was also not what I initially asked but BETTER and more flexible in where I can hook it unto (I changed it from hooking it on the outside to the inside, but Ksenia ended up designing it so that it can do BOTH (´⊙ω⊙`)! She also ended up doing a lot of extra work not asked of her based on the best way possible! And this is not to mention she's willing to work with the leather and materials you send to her that are not of her stock. So really you get your perfect DREAM bag! Really happy with my purchase as always and looking forward to buy more from her!


Joella Bibbs 12/05/2022

I LOVE this bag! Much roomier than it seems from the outside. beautiful, quality product!


Andrew Lee 11/05/2022

This is such a great bag, the color and texture of the leather is unbelievably beautiful. I am beyond happy with the color & quality of this leather and the extraordinary craftsmanship in making this lovely purse. It it so soft & the light leather smell is so fresh and reminds me this was made just for me. I really can’t get over how pretty the leather texture and color are and softness is unbelievable! Every time a new bag arrives I think this is my favorite, and then the next one arrives and it it my favorite, they are all so special and unique and the care taken in making them shows. My bag is beautiful on the outside, and it is also beautiful on the inside with such lovely patterned soft cotton cloth which is so pleasing every time you grab something out of it, just makes me smile to know it was made specially for me


Amy West 03/05/2022

I ordered a custom bag with velvet interior that turned out absolutely beautiful. Ksenia even took pics of the velvet at the fabric store to let me pick. She is so kind and customized the entire bag for me with my initials and a laptop pocket, zip pocket and the 3 pouches. It is super sturdy. I just came home from a vacation and had it full of stuff and it was awesome. Perfect bag that will last a lifetime.


Robert Anderson 26/04/2022

The purse is of the highest quality leather! I am beyond satisfied and couldn’t have been more happy to receive it! My purchase even planted a tree, and I didn’t know about it until I received my purse. The item matched the description perfectly. I was able to customize all my pockets and lining. I am so thrilled and know I will be able to use this for several years as long as I take good care of it! She sent a sample swatch so I can test a protector as well. I am just over the moon with how beautiful the purse is!


Paul Rodgers 21/04/2022

I ordered a custom Fargo crossbody, a Nola clutch, and a custom monogrammed bracelet. Ksenia is awesome to work with. She took the time to send me pictures of the leather against a few of my fabric selections to help me decide which I liked best. She worked with me to make sure the items arrived in time for Christmas. Everything came beautifully wrapped with a handwritten note. My custom Fargo is beautiful beyond words and the tassel matches the lining material perfectly. This bag makes me so happy! My daughter loved her clutch--what a blessing to have it lined in her favorite artwork. My son loved the custom monogrammed bracelet--and the leather was so soft!


James Schindler 09/04/2022

Wow!! this bag is beautiful and beautifully crafted. the pockets are great and very deep, my phone fits in with extra room, this tiny bag is huge in storage. the leather is great quality and smells amazing. the zippers are very smooth, being a custom bag I loved that I was able to choose the pockets and the lining, I also loved that before she made it she reached out and asked what side I wear my bags on typically, so the pockets and zippers were comfortable with ease of access. I mean wow!!! that detail alone I didnt even think of. the craftsmanship in this bag alone Ive never had and i own a few designer bags. there is nothing like having something tailored to fit you individually. the straps are perfect to and so easy to adjust. she packaged it so beautifully with treats from SF and a sweet note. a MUST have!! and worth it!


Lorenzo McIntyre 03/04/2022

I love my purse! I choice the leather and fabric for the lining. It is a piece of artwork. The craftsmanship is amazing. I would recommend there product to anyone.


Michelle Cimino 15/03/2022

The purse was very well made. Ksenia dedicated her time to help me designed a purse to fit my needs. The leather and the stitches are high quality with details.


Michael Reyes 15/03/2022

I can’t say enough about how much Ksenia pays attention to detail, and how beautiful the resulting bag is. The bag is very cleverly engineered to be comfortable both as a tote and a backpack. The quality of the workmanship is truly amazing— check out how perfect the stitches on the corners are. The dust bag itself is custom made for this bag. WOW!


Mary Moon 22/02/2022

I bought three 100% custom design bags from Ksenia and not only does she answers all messages super fast like within a few minutes but she makes sure EVERYTHING with you to make sure everything is 100% correct, via photos. She’s also flexible to use the leather of your choice that you find not part of her stock. Her worksmanship is remarkable and you can tell how meticulous she is with the cut and the stitching. She double stitches the bottom seams for durability for you, and she’s also at the burnishing!! My bags were pretty challenging designs too but she can just literally do anything lol. Buy from her and you won’t regret it!!


Louise Starkey 19/02/2022

Nice quality. Pretty simple purse.

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